Annual Letter to the Community

Dear Friends,


In the past year, the Brazosport Medical Center, a non-profit 501 (c) 3, has overcome and transformed into a clinic that the community of Freeport can be proud of. Unfortunately though we lost a significant player on the Brazosport Medical Center team.  Vickie Anderson, the executive director at the center passed away in February and has been missed by many here at the center.  She had a great heart and a passion to help those in need here in Freeport.  Vickie worked diligently on the renovations here in the clinic, after two separate floods damaged the floors and walls throughout the clinic.  Thankfully, this year with Hurricane Harvey the Lord watched over us and we were spared any damages.

As many of you know the original intent of Brazosport Medical Center was to provide much needed medical, dental, and vision services to the population of Freeport. As the years have gone by relationships have been developed with providers that offer what we feel is a good fit for the Freeport community and maintains the original dream of our organization.

 Our main tenant, The Freeport Community Health Center (SFACHC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center, and a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, offering high quality, integrated medical, dental and behavioral health care services for individuals with private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and the uninsured.  Its main locations are found in Alvin and Freeport, Texas.  The mission of Stephen F. Austin Community Health Network is to make quality health care accessible to all people regardless of their ability to pay. As a non-profit, they are able to seek additional grants from the community as well. And the community has responded through the help of the United Way of Brazoria County, funds offer assistance to expand mental health services by increasing access to counseling and psychiatry. The Community Foundation’s Lowry helped increase dental care services in the SFACHC Alvin location and the Episcopal Health Foundation offered funds for telemedicine services.  It is gratifying to Brazosport Medical Center to have a tenant that provides the services this organization set out to find for the Freeport Community, and that continues to look for ways to improve and add to the services offered in each of their clinics.

This year as many of our county’s population experienced flood damage to their homes, SFACHC, with the help of Clinica Sierra Vista, a community health center in California, sent a fully equipped medical and dental mobile unit to care for the displaced residents along the

Texas coast where catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey prevented the sick and vulnerable from accessing necessary primary care.

 SFACHC provides integrated medical, dental and behavioral health care out of three clinic sites in Alvin and ours in Freeport. SFACHC also provides primary health care services at three centers in Alvin, Angleton, and Galveston through a collaboration with Gulf Coast Centers, the MHMR authority for Brazoria and Galveston Counties. SFACHN also has two school based health centers in Freeport and a dental clinic in Pearland. SFACHC added two telemedicine/telehealth (mental health) sites in 2017; one in Clute at the Brazoria County Dream Center and the other at the Salvation Army Shelter in Freeport. We are glad to have them in our clinic in Freeport. You can read more about SFACHC at their website:

Another tenant in our clinic is Vision Habitat. They have been an important addition to Brazosport Medical Center since 2008.  By providing quality eye care, residents have access to

Optometric and Optical Services, Eye Examinations, Red/Pink/Allergy Eye Visits, Diabetic, and Cataract & Dry Eye Exams.  They have available Eyewear for Glasses, and offer contact lenses. They provide services to both insured and non-insured patients.  With the help of the Lion’s club and funds received through the Community Foundation’s Lowry grant, and private donations, non-insured patients are able to get the glasses and vision services they need. You can read more about Vision Habitat at their website


Brazosport Medical Center also manages the OATH prescription assistance program. Oath is a county funded program that provides 2 patient advocates to help indigent and other low income patients obtain prescription drugs for three months to a year, as refills, after the initial supply is filled.  There is no cost to the patient and most medications are free.  The program provides assistance with filling out paperwork with Pharmaceutical companies and other discount companies.  Medications are dispensed through the medical provider or in some cases sent directly to the patients’ home.


As the year comes to an end, Brazosport Medical Center wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday season.  It has been a trying year for many in our county this year, but the community has shown once again how we can come together to care for each other. Brazosport Medical Center will continue to seek quality health providers for our clinic in Freeport, and we continue to seek donations to allow us to assist our providers in providing non-insured the same

access to health care.  Your donations are used to assist with patients who sometimes don’t fit into a category that is covered by a federal guideline.  Please consider us this year as you contemplate how you give back to your community. 



Sincerest Wishes,



Vicki Sikes

Executive Director

Brazosport Medical Center